Barnsbury Square


Slip your shoes off before hitting the stunning oak floor that drifts around the apartments’ main areas at 16 Barnsbury Square. Notice the no expense spared nature of the small details from the security cards and switches to the metal and glass used in the build. We mixed metal, ceramics, glass and wood to great effect in this stunning flat with touches of plants to bring the outside in from front and back of the build. 

We split the large white tabletop in the dining room with a couple of trays decorated with mini universes of ceramics, plants and quirky objects or candles.

All the chairs showcased different designer’s aesthetics but gave the place an unpretentious feel. We wanted the space to look like it belonged to a collector who had picked pieces up as they went along rather than go for a show home look. We believe that new furniture can deaden a staging and are very careful where we use it while pieces like the ones seen here tell a story and add atmosphere to a room. 


We felt it important to keep the huge airy feeling of the main kitchen and living space in the master apartment while dividing the areas into workable spaces, a sitting room, a day office and dining room, like mini photo shoots. Each installation has a view to the square or the stunning garden with its huge architectural planters at the centre of the house. Its hard to believe when you see the photographs that all the above were in the same room. We used a couple of our favourite Ludvik Volak screens to give texture to the walls and link one section with another.


This outstanding example of modern architecture designed by architect Mark Dziewulski in the heart of a Georgian square in the Barnsbury Conservation Area lent itself to huge plants and designer with an attractive, well-maintained garden.

One of ten loft apartments with floor to ceiling windows, underfloor heating, fitted kitchens and wardrobes, timber floors and direct lift access, this flat really was a joy to stage.



Lucy Ryder Richardson

Petra Curtis

Frances Marden

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