Heathville Road

When we first visited this sensitively-designed end of terrace three-bedroom house by ZDA Architects we were struck by its midcentury meets Japanese feel.

We fell in love with the way the light warmed up the wood and wanted to bring in designers inspired by Japan including Jens Quistgaard, Noguchi and Tapio Wirkkala. 

Inside the house it feels much bigger than it looks from the outside where white render is broken up by glass and Iroko timber cladding giving a nod to Frank Lloyd Wright. Touches of blue and grey glass , some ‘found’ bottles and spice jars, a small Quistgaard Dansk casserole pot and teak ice buckets  and a brushed stainless steel midcentury light were all the touches needed in this hero building.

 We echoed the wood around the kitchen putting Cherner chairs in walnut around a glass and steel Le Corbusier/Eileen Gray table, filled the shelves with a few pops of colour and lightened the place up with a textured rug, some plants, wooden bowls and sculptural ceramics bringing in a soft muted toned sofa, Berber rug and Danish lounge chair.

Black American walnut and clay plaster rise up from the limestone floors as the house, arranged in an upside-down layout with kitchen, living and dining space on the first floor and walnut desk suspended above the glazed double-height hallway has an instant inviting appeal. 

Metal rods leading up to the second floor and another living area have a musical feel. We added plants at the top pf the stairs and on a shelf halfway up to cascade down like notes. 

 We brought in a bamboo footstool to echo the lampshades while a collection of ancient pots (not seen in this pic) decorated the shelves where a television and stereo would go. Again a muted palette for the soft furnishings echoed the shafts of light coming in around the building.

 Bringing in circles to the window seat in the bedroom upstairs to set off the lines of the dramatic window and its shafts of light, we used a soft textured bedspread leaving the floor bare to tell its own story with its soft wood. 

 Bringing in a bamboo light and yellow touches downstairs softened up the guest bedroom which is situated next to a dark marble bathroom where we put jugs to give the feeling of a sanctuary where bathing would be a ritual. 

Staging: Petra Curtis petra@modernshows.com Lucy Ryder Richardson lucy@modernshows.com
Photography : French and Tye
Images © The Modern House

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